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The Gold Shop of Ba-’Ali
Evolution of the Genus Iris
Songs for a Summons
Detroit as Barn


Wolf Teeth

by Henry Real Bird

Henry Real Bird’s poems are of the moment and thus timeless. We look to Henry for a check of the pulse of things coded in words that work to decipher what he often calls “feelings.” But are they more like soundings of the heart and of the earth? And then again are they poems, songs, or prayers? All I know is I’m glad they are preserved.

—Hal Cannon, Founding Director, Western Folklife Center

Woman on the Cross

by Pierre Delattre

Winner of Foreword Magazine’s 2001 Book of the Year for Literary Fiction

Woman on the Cross is a novel that takes place near the end of the 18th century in a deforested Latin American country where the pre-Christian nature religion has been suppressed. The story tells of Sebastian Cristo Rey, the last actor in a family line of professional Christs who have made their living being crucified on Good Fridays, and what happens when Sidelle, daughter of the priestess who maintains the pre-Christian tradition of tree worship, is nailed to Sebastian’s cross. The theme echoes the way that the rape of nature and the rape of women were simultaneously justified in many pseudo-Christian cultures under the traditional droit du seigneur, the right of the bleeder—the “señor,” “sir” or “sire”—to claim whatever is virginal for his own profit and pleasure.