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December 16, 2012

Lynx House • Lost Horse :: How Two Presses Collaborate

Lynx House Press and Lost Horse Press, both small, active, literary presses based in the Inland Northwest, have discovered that, by sharing skills resources, they can more effectively continue to serve their missions. It helps, of course, that their missions are much the same: to publish the highest quality poetry and literary fiction in editions the design of which is above trade standard, and to achieve for these books the widest possible circulation and cultural impact. To this end, during the past decade, Lynx House Press has traded editorial services and consultation for design and preproduction help from Lost Horse Press. The lists of the two presses, while superficially similar, are not homogenized: acquisitions are handled separately by the two directors, who each have their individual visions and tastes. Their work together is, however, a model that other small presses might consider.